Do you remember your first deep emotional connection with art? 

Can you recall the vulnerable and noble jealousy you felt? 

“Connections this profound are supposed to be exclusive,” you privately raged.   

Vulnerability was palpable in that moment.  There was an absolutely honest performance… a character played so generously and written with such virtue and precocity that your sensibilities could not keep up.  You were emotionally submitted.  You blissfully reached your absolute emotional capacity and surrendered.  Now, the character’s secret struggle became yours to allay.   

Your chivalry… your impulse to nurture was so full that when the performance ended you literally ached to lavish the full measure upon a character that had vanished.   

What contribution could this possibly make?  If you know… then you are a collector of sunbeams.  

If you’re not sure… if you’ve forgotten, listen and watch.  An enormous contribution has been made here in your interest.  


Be warmed.


Be lifted.


Be warned.


Be lavishing.