Music review: Wildeyes - ‘Beauty & Sadness’

By Clint Rhodes For the Herald-Standard

For me, the vibe of the new album was reminiscent of Lone Justice’s 1986 album “Shelter.” Led by Maria McKee’s passionate vocals and memorable tracks such as “I Found Love” and “Dixie Storms,” the sophomore effort by the Los Angeles-based band received a heavy dose of playing time during my senior year of college.

Just like McKee, lead singer Emily Kohavi’s stirring voice adds depth and meaning to the songs possessing elements of folk, country and Americana.

“Tennessee Is Alive” opens the set with a cautionary tale about protecting the identity and charm of a small town from outsiders wanting to capitalize and cash in for personal greed.

For me, the strength of the album is showcased on three stunning tracks focused on the pain of lost love.

The hurt and regret left behind after a dissolved relationship fuel the sadness of “Nothing Less, Nothing More.” “Empty Love” is a desperate declaration of the emptiness experienced after having your heart drained of love by someone unable or unwilling to reciprocate. “Dying Slow” is another lovely and tragic track about attempting to discover direction and purpose after losing faith as love gradually fades, leaving only emotional scars and self-doubt.

“Sunday” offers a heavenly promise of hope on this infectious number that speaks of a spiritual renewing of the mind, body and soul through the inspiration of what a Sunday morning delivers.

“Dance with the Devil” serves as the darker counterpart to “Sunday” with its poignant confessional regarding the struggles of resisting temptation and the guilt that weighs heavy on the heart.

“I Won’t Go” softly closes the set with Kohavi’s dreamy vocals being graciously supported by acoustic guitar and violin on this arrangement about sacrificing everything for the one you love.

REVIEWS Discovery: Wildeyes

REVIEWS Discovery: Wildeyes

By Jane Howkins

Nothing Less, Nothing More is an acoustic, folky tune from Wildeyes, with the music itself harking back to the traditional days of the folk movement, in terms of instrumentation and the style of the track.

It’s simply beautiful, and it would be a very stoic person that wouldn’t feel anything moved by this song. The lyrics tell the tale of the internal battle for affirmation within a ruinous relationship, and the sadness associated with that is something that can very much be heard within the strong vocals.

If you’re a folk fan then you should enjoy this – be warned though, as it’s very moving!

Wildeyes’ new single shows that they’re “Crazy in the Blood”


I’ll be frank with you, dear reader (and yes, you can still be Garth). This track is a sleeper. The intro features a slightly de-tuned guitar that may make you uneasy at first, before finding its pitch as the lead vocals enter. Kohavi sings with conviction and feeling from the get-go, but you’re left with a slight feeling that Wildeyes are holding back. Mandolin and fiddles enter following the final chorus, hinting that this song is moving with more purpose and intent than you previously thought. A fiddle solo after the second chorus steps things up a bit before a massive build-up takes us to an explosive outro filled with strings, aggressive rhythm guitar, and driving drums. Only after this is all over do you finally realize the chops and ferocity on display by one of Nashville’s rising Western acts.




WILDEYES is a beautiful band. With gorgeous vocals to the 70’s country-folk-rock sensibilities simply drape you in love. With a tinge of French baroque irony and tragedy in the lyrics, the soft guitar work sweep you off your feet. The basics of the trio (Daniel and Emily Kohavi and Max Hoffman) is the power that emanates from this band. ‘I Won’t Go’ is tip of that iceberg, with the shimmer of a calm northern Atlantic see, calm with just the horizon to view, your soul mixes in with the thought of a new tomorrow. Even if there’s only a sliver of hope, you stride on, with a deep longing in your heart – bound by an oath. The deep rooted Nashville band elevates your hopes and dreams with this song. What a sound.


by Christos Doukakis

Wildeyes bear the influence of deep Nashville roots, & rich Western, and along with their charismatic singer’s performance deliver one of the most memorable tracks genre-wise. This is ‘Nothing Less, Nothing More‘ than an ideal appetizer of Wildeyes’ forthcoming album to be released in November, 2018.

Produced by Edward Spear and Alex Laska.

Artist: Wildeyes

Track: ‘Nothing Less, Nothing More‘ 

Genre: folk

Wildeyes – ‘Nothing Less, Nothing More’

By Darcel

If you’re not a fan of Folk music, you’re still going to fall in love with Wildeyes’ Nothing Less Nothing More’. The song will touch your heart and soul. What you’re going to hear is a song that describes the internal battle for affirmation in the wake of a ruinous relationship. According to the press info, this song is less about a love lost and more about a courage found.

Wildeyes Unveil New Single "Nothing Less, Nothing More"

by Caesarlivenloud

Hey guys! I've got a Folk gem for you that's simply breathtaking! Indie Folk/Americana trio Wildeyes, comprised of Daniel and Emily Kohavi and Max Hoffman, have just unveiled their gorgeous new single Nothing Less, Nothing More.

As soon as I heard Emily's vocals I knew I was going to love this song. She conveys so much emotion with her raw, yet sweet, vocals which are incredibly captivating. The Ukulele/Banjo and guitars perfectly back up those lush vocals and give the song a hypnotic and emotional vibe.

Nothing Less, Nothing More is a beautifully crafted song and it's one of those songs that completely take one's full attention throught the song. Here the trio showcases their awesome songwriting skills by taking the listener to a journey about a new found courage after a break up. Stream this gem below!


by Amelia Vandergast

Tennessee is Alive is the latest track from the Americana inspired trio Wildeyes. I almost wish I got a word of warning before being treated to some of the most palpably pensive soundscapes I’ve ever heard unravel. Yet paradoxically, Tennessee is Alive is simultaneously uplifting, their melodies and narrative lyrics are a means of pure escapism, a soul-shatteringly stunning one at that.

The weight of emotion poured from Emily Kohavi’s vocals which take hold of your heartstrings before the first verse has even ran through. I could explain the arrangements of the instrumentals, the rhythm and the harmony that Tennessee is Alive progresses seamlessly through, but there are very few words to allude to the smorgasbord of emotion that is drawn from you as the viscerally ethereal single unfolds. So, you’re just going to have to check out Wildeyes’ latest track Tennessee is Alive along with their other singles by heading over to Spotify now.

"Tennessee Is Alive" is a reflection on a hometown

-Geena Kloeppel

 "My hometown is losing pride / there's some folks 'round here tryna skin it alive" sings Emily Kohavi of Wildeyes on the band's new single "Tennessee Is Alive." But the song doesn't sound like an accusation. There's a sweetness to it, perhaps a subtle challenge- for said "folks" to try harder to be better. All that aside, the Americana arrangement of the song is full of beautiful, genre-specific moments: the words where Kohavi's drawl rings through, the groove of the bass, the band's wall of harmonies, a fiddle solo... "Tennessee Is Alive" is truly gorgeous. The band's next show is at the Station in Louisville on 7.27.

REVIEWS Discovery: Wildeyes - York Calling

By Graeme Smith

From Nashville, Tennesse, Wildeyes bring raw, soulful country to our ears.

The rawness in new track Empty Love comes from the fact that the recording comes from a rehearsal of the song, the first ever performance of the song. It works to great effect, there’s a carefree, authentic feeling to the arrangement and the emotion is real. But what really stands out is the concrete lyrics. In its most lucid moment, the protagonists “empty love” is compared to an old man serving food, too poor to retire.

Wildeyes are a trio for anyone who loves country with substance. Check out Empty Love below.

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Wildeyes – “Tennessee is alive”
-When a band comps with Dawes and the Milk Carton Kids, I can’t help but take an interest in the track. Then when the vocal is as good as this one, I DEFINITELY pay attention. Wildeyes have a distinctive Americana sound and style that is worth your time. I love the classic elements of the song from the vocal blending to the organ. It’s exquisitely mixed and an ideal Americana track. Elements of country, pop, and jazz all intermix for a deeply satisfying listen.

Wildeyes – Nothing Less, Nothing More

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Debut single ini lebih dari sekedar pilunya cinta ini seperti distrofi jiwa yang kita rangkul karena takut hidup sendirian. Sang protagonis tampak seperti seorang wanita yang dikasihani, tetapi dia tidak. 

“Nothing Less, Nothing More” ini penuh perasaan yang menggambarkan pertempuran batin seseorang yang hancur oleh cinta. Bukan bermaksud lebay tapi vokal Wildeyes menambah kesan kesedihan yang sangat dalam.

Ini adalah wanita yang telah hidup, dicintai, dan hilang dengan martabat dan rahmat. Kemarahannya ditemukan menjadi ketabahannya. Sebaliknya, kekasihnya, sumber siksaannya, ditemukan sebagai karakter lemah yang membutuhkan kekuatan yang hanya dimiliki olehnya.

Maap tidak bermaksud curhat, ya. 

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